A Dog's Unending Loyalty

The best thing about the CBS Evening News is Steve Hartman, who does the Assignment America segment. Tonight's was a particularly emotional story of a dog thrown clear of a car in an accident, and it's unending loyalty to it's family.

Grab the tissues...

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  1. That is an amazing story!

  2. How sad that they can't keep their dog now... I hope they get back on their feet soon.

  3. Another reason why I think dogs are the superior animal. They love you no matter what.

    Happiness = the sight of a dog wagging it's tail in absolute bliss for the mere fact that his person has come home from work.

  4. Chris....this one tore me up. Both of my babies are rotties. What a great story. I just hope she can get back with her family soon.

  5. god bless that family, and that beautiful doggie. the love and loyalty we get from our pets is more than we can get from people.


  6. Uh-oh. I'll have to come back and watch this later, Sky Dad, I'm all out of Kleenex (and my kid always thinks I'm nutso whenever i'm bawling at the computer. ;-))

  7. boy make a grown man cry -- you know i cannot deal with animal stories

    i think i need to go hug the cat...

  8. tissues heck i need a sob rag!
    what a wonderful story....thanks for sharing.


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