To the hills we go!

I had a great weekend and spent a lot of time up in the mountains both days! It is so rare to get up high anymore, it is quite the treat.

Saturday my buddy Russ dropped by and we drove up to hike Mount Falcon and then take a driving tour over Kenosha and Hoosier pass checking out fall colors.

Check it:

From Jefferson Counties web site - The story of Mount Falcon is largely the story of John Brisben Walker, who once owned over 4,000 acres of land in this area. During the early 1900's Walker lived in an elaborate stone house on Mount Falcon while planning the construction of a summer home for the Presidents of the United States, which was to have been located on a ridge to the east of his home. Walker's home burned in 1918, and all that remains of this once splendid edifice are the massive stone walls and numerous fireplaces of a unique mountain castle.

From the hiking trails, you can see the back side of John Walkers dream that did come true, the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Hoosier pass looked great, this picture doesn't do justice to the golden color of the Aspen groves.

A hawk stopped by the trip over Hoosier pass.

Then we wound up in Breckenridge, and low and behold they were having Oktoberfest!

Somewhere along the way, a kind old frontiersman offered to help me out with a nose itch...

Random video you can probably skip:

Then on Sunday, Kathy, Skyler and I headed up towards Estes Park, then cruised around awhile. This was very cool, because as we were walking down a path that goes beside a golf course, there was a herd of Elk hanging out on the course! The main buck was even bugling a bit.

We went by the beautiful Saint Menlo on the way down the mountain.

Video that is a lot better than the first! Listen for the Elk bugling.


  1. Very nice weekend, Chris. Beautiful.

  2. thanks for sharing the photos. they are beautiful as others attest to. here in texas things are pretty brown still hot summer and cost so much to water. not had much rain this summer til a week ago. will not really see fall colors so thanks for sharing yours!

    of course this winter you will be frozen and I will still be wearing shorts too!

  3. Hi. Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  4. The bugling of elk always shocks me a little. I'm always expecting something more manly and gruff to escape such big creatures, not those little whiney squeeks they produce.

    Gorgeous pics and video, Sky Dad! Bravo!

  5. I enjoyed the first video for it's quiet simplicity.
    I was literally freezing through the second video. The sound of the wind really got to me.
    The photos and films are all great. Thanks so much for sharing with us. xo

  6. So pretty! I hope that thin air up high didn't make you crazier than you already are. :)

  7. Great pics and stuff!

    That first stone would be cooler if it said "Evil Megalomaniac's Secret Mountain Base"

  8. Gorgeous stuff! I love the Aspens!

  9. Wow! Look at the hat rack on that big old Elk! And they're hanging out on a golf course? I would be there everyday just to see if that buck takes off after some golfer. I don't think swinging a five iron at him will deter him. ;-)

  10. I love taking pics messing with statues.

    They deserve it if you think about it.

  11. I'm heading to an Oktoberfest this weekend... can't WAIT.

  12. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I forget, if your ball lands in elk crap, is that a one stroke penalty, or two?

  13. Oh the splendor of it all.

    Quite humbling, the beauty of nature.

  14. Breathtaking! I know all the pics and video in the world can't relay the beauty. But you managed to capture it! Looks like Skyler had a blast as always! He is a very lucky kid to have been everywhere he has been. I am so glad you guys are not the type of parents that hide him from the rest of the world. He is very lucky indeed! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    LOL BTW when I read 'bugling' I read 'bulging' I was looking for his bulge .. Yeah I'm perverted like that

  15. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

  16. WOW!! Where is that church/castly looking thing? Seriously! I wanna get married there! Please!


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