I thought I was wrong once, but turns out I was just mistaken

Has it really come to this? That I can't even do a simple meme without "screwing the pooch", as they said in The Right Stuff?

In my last post under the joke down there... No the next one. The one about Memes and Awards.

Yeah, that one!

I mixed up my Jules (and no, that isn't some sort of euphemism) and gave credit to The Jules instead of Jules without the The...

Rest assured that both are superior scribes and well worth clicking over to read.

How did this happen? Let's take the quiz to find out!

A. Sky Dad is an idiot.
B. Sky Dad doesn't get enough sleep.
C. Sky Dad drinks too much.
D. Aliens kidnapped Sky Dad and replaced him with a pod.
E. All of the above.

The correct answer will be posted in a blog in the future, but you can all hedge your bets and lean towards the (E)asy answer...

As they say in most periodicals I read, the management regrets any embarrassment this lack of editing may have caused.

But having survived that spinout on the high banked turn #3, I returned to the pits for new rubber, more fuel, and I am back in the race. Although under the caution flag...

I have another special award to tell you all about that I saved as a separate post because it involves honest to goodness gifts/awards/something illegally shipped over state lines. Well, maybe not the last so much, but still, a box full of goodies arrived on my doorstep awhile ago from Lynette from Crazed Mind! Whoooo Hoooo! This is so cool, she shipped me some great car washing stuff. Sponges, special cleaning mitts, scouring pad, it is all very cool! Check it out:

Thanks so very much Lynette, that was so kind of you! Check out her blog folks, it is great.


  1. I knew the answer was E, all along. ; ) And I'm loving your racing reference because I'm sitting in front of my tv, waiting for the Labor Day Classic 500 to start. lol!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Don't forget to wear the smell goods when cleaning up. LOL
    actually hoping that Skyler gets your really really wet when doing the car.

  3. Great! Now you can come over and wash my car! It needs it.

  4. Hey, linky errors happen to us all. Did you ever catch the time Scope accidently linked my name to (....wait for it....) a picture of a lizard?!

    True story.

    He claimed it was an accident, but, dammit, I went out and bought new body lotion anyway.

  5. Don't worry about it Pod. You'll fit in well here on Earth as long as you keep up the blog!

  6. Ha! That's so something I would do. At least you ended up giving double credit, instead of none at all ;-)

  7. I could use a kit like that -- my car is feeelthy.

  8. I opted for e before I knew what E was! How very cool to get stuff fro a fellow blogger. Too bad you can't use any of that with the colander

  9. That car washing package is really thoughtful, but it doesn't SHAMWOW! me.

  10. I wanna hang out with some hard-drinking aliens now.


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