Bad Tat Tuesday! More guest shots!!

Hey boys and girls, gather round while Sky-Pappy tells you about the old days, and how life was tough and shit. Or we could talk about more bad tats, your choice!

Yeah, I kinda thought you would go for the tats, because that's why you people come here. First out of the gate we have some guest editions, and I always love it when folks send me bad tats. The terrible thing is that a lot of them have already been seen here at my little corner of the poorly inked world.

First out of chute #1 is a series of Geeky Tats by my friend Cindy:

Myspace, really? I bet you thought that was cool about 6 or 7 years ago, not so much anymore.

Bar code and ports make for an interesting combination. I wonder if he scans?

The old Sad Mac, I miss him so.

For rebooting your ankle I suppose.

The Fail Whale! I haven't seen this in awhile!

HTML code for the neck...

I see you are a blogger...

Next up is a truly scary piece of work sent to me by Leslie, thank you so much my dear!

Seriously, can you even find somebody else to be in the lineup with this dude?

This one I sent to Candy from Candy's Daily Dandy because she is such a Boston sports fan. She offered to have it put on her chest prior to her wedding, I say go for it!

Last up is a series of butterfly's that tend to disappear down this ladies crack. Stay classy my lady, stay classy!


  1. good stuff, as always. :)

  2. I am not ashamed to admit that I like the whale.

  3. Thanks for the mention. That guy was truly scary looking. What COULD he have been thinking? Leslie

  4. Good stuff but I thought the last person was a guy. That could be part of the problem.....hmmm

  5. The bar code one actually says Joe in binary.

  6. Have you seen the puzzle man or the lizard man?

  7. That last back tat is pretty amazing. I wonder how long that one took?

  8. I agree- the whale is super-cute.

    The MySpace dude should be used as a reference for the word "douchebag".

  9. "Stay classy my lady, stay classy!"

    Drop the "c-l," and the "c-l."

  10. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I need to take some pics of my brother and send them to you for this...he has a barcode, and yes it does scan...he also has some others...they are all bad.

  11. How do we know for sure Candy didn't get the tatoo??? Like I'm sure she'd admit it..

  12. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Thanks for the laughs as always.

  13. if I told you the guy who has the flesh horns looks suspiciously line one of the 2,000 people who posed nude with me for Spencer Tunick in Cleveland, would that be scarier than the pix??

  14. Why does anyone want a line leading to their butt crack? I'm at a loss...

  15. Wonder if the guy with the old SCSI connection has upgraded to USB yet?


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