The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So the wedding trip really was quite nice for the most part. But I feel the need to get a few things out there and off of my chest. Kind of like a safety valve on a pressure cooker on the stove top.

The Good:

See my last post about the wedding. It was uniquely Kristen and Roy, a beautiful scene, their friends all helped, it was officiated by an awesomely cool lady, and we got to drink beer during it!

All the people that are Kirsten's friends in Glacier are very cool, and helped her so much. They all just chip in without being asked, because that is how they live.

The weather was cloudy and rainy all around the site, but this big beautiful hole in the clouds stayed right above us. What can I say? I think they live right.

Frontier Airlines are so damn cool about us flying with Skyler I can't believe it. They offered to move us from row 5 up to the bulkhead if that worked better (which it doesn't) and bent over backwards to get us on first and help in every way. They do it right!

The Bad:

We have found an extended stay townhouse place that used to be an assisted living facility that we stay in with Skyler. It isn't like home, but is better than a hotel because of the wide doors and better facilities for wheel chairs. The problem is that you have to stay at least a week in order to get a somewhat reasonable rate (145 bucks a day) and it gets way expensive if you only stay only a few days. So this trip, we had to double dip and pay for the cabin up in Glacier, as well as the townhouse in Bellevue.

Combine the two housing expenses with the assessable van rental at 125 bucks a day, the plane tickets, all the other expenses and we are in for multiple grand for this weeks trip. Money we don't have and is all sitting on a card now.

While the cabin up in Glacier was beautiful, it was tight inside for a wheelchair, and had 6 steps that I had to bounce Skyler up and down every time we came and went.

The Ugly:

Since Kirsten didn't want to have the typical big church wedding, her dad kind of washed his hands of the whole affair. A couple of the class moves he made were sending Kathy's dad and us an email with a cost statement for the cabin we would be staying in. He said since it was next door to where Kirsten lived, he would be using it to station everything for the wedding, and that it cost X amount, which he expected to receive prior to us leaving for home.

The day before the wedding we (the family and friends) were all down at the site of the wedding cleaning up chairs and hauling them out to the site, setting up tents, moving stuff around, you know - all the things that need to happen prior to an big event. After spending the whole morning doing this, we loaded Skyler and grandpa up to take them back to the cabin for lunch. While leaving, we passed Kirsten's dad as he drove in, and he stopped us. He asked if we had driven up to see the top of Mount Baker yet, because it was pretty and that was where he had been all morning. We told him no, we were helping your daughter set up for her wedding! He then asked if we got everything taken care of, he was going to go back to his place for a nap...

Say classy dad, stay classy...


  1. Weddings definitely bring out the worst in some folk, unfortunately.


  2. Some people just beat all, don't they!?

    Phooey on your trip costing so much. Don't hotels have accessible rooms? Aren't they required by law to do so? Then again it's not you were in the middle of Atlanta or anything.

  3. gosh I am so happy she is now married to a man who is willing to stand beside her....even it if it is to help move all the stuff around. Thank goodness...he is nothing like good ol dad!

  4. Hey, it's not so much about gaining a husband, as it is losing a father.

    See, there's a bright side for her!

  5. Classy.

    You and Kathy were the truly classy ones, dedicated to family. Bless you two.

  6. There's nothing like being an @$$hat during your daughter's wedding weekend.

    I'm glad Kirsten had the wedding SHE wanted, and not the one her dad wanted. Parents need to back the *f* off and let their ADULT offspring make their own decisions.

    A friend went dress shopping but didn't get the one she loved (which she was paying for herself, btw) because her mom didn't like it. I said, "Screw her, it's YOUR wedding." Maybe not the most polite thing to say regarding a person's mom. lol!

  7. I think weddings n' die-vorces bring out th' very bestest in people...

  8. *jots it down in notebook*

    No mountain climbing...on day of daughter's wedding...

    Good. Thanks. One more thing to avoid in my "trying to not be an asshole" book.

  9. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Boy, every family has one, don't they?

  10. My family reminds me how much I love my friends. Bummer to hear not all went perfectly, but it sounds like K really needed you all there and the wedding went well. :)

  11. When he gets old, she should send him an invoice for the old folks home he ends up in, complete with mileage for her visits. What a twat.

  12. Ah, Family. Can't live with them, can't kill them.....well maybe you can

  13. Anonymous10:41 AM

    *snort* sounds like a father I know.

  14. "He then asked if we got everything taken care of, he was going to go back to his place for a nap..."

    Dang, to counter the Lifetime Network show, you should start one on another channel called "Dadzilla."

  15. Wow. That's one way to have your kids remember you at their wedding...For all the wrong reasons.


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