I just wanted to take a moment to ask... Updated!


Seriously, I read every stinking copy of popular science as a kid and I must say I am feeling pretty let down. I want to know where the cool shit is.

I am supposed to be living in space, on another planet driving a dope land rover unit... with a monkey!!

I was promised a peek into the future, where I would be able to see right through womens clothes!

Or at least have a nuclear powered hat of some strange type... I don't know, it came up in the search, so sue me.

It's not a hover-car, it's just a mower. But it is more bad ass than anything I am riding on today!

Mom was even promised a better life through science with the combination whole-house vacuum/dinner preparer/robot shopper and drink maker!

And don't even get me started on my Jet-Pack. How many times have I seen somebody zip away with one of these bad boys? Plenty, that's how many!

I want a damn Jet-Pack. Is that so much to ask?

Updated! My wonderful sister found this that proves we have JetPacks!!


  1. I read somewhere, back in the day (OMG, I'm old!), that we were supposed to be riding around in flying cars by now...


  2. JJ - I've read your posts about driving. If you get a flying car, I want the Mole Man Mobile! :-)

  3. Well, I got the computer in the living room. Now all I need is "Rosie" to bring me a cocktail and slippers.

  4. I remember this clearly...my first grade teacher said by the year 2000 we would be working a 20 hour work week thanks to computers, puerto Rico would be the 51st state, and we would be a paperless society.
    Yeah...that didn't work out so well.

  5. I just read this post while in my lovely underwater home, on Mars.

  6. On a more serious note, I remember a college professor in 1983 telling me that I didn't have to worry about learning how to use a computer because their use wasn't going to be too widespread. I'll have to go back in time to slap his dumb ass upside the head.

  7. Out of all those things, I REALLY want the jet pack.

  8. Exactly dude!

    Why can't Scottie beam me to Vegas for a few hours so I can play some blackjack and place some best on sporting events and then beam me back home in time for bed? It's an outrage! This is worse than being lied to about Santa Claus. ;-)

  9. I know man! Remember when the year 2000 sounded so space age and futuristic? I was positive we'd all be flying around everywhere and operating machinery just by looking at it. It's disappointing, although admittedly, I do have a car that has a mind of its own and likes to blast the radio without warning or touch, making me momentarily contemplate peeing in my pants with shock. Other than that though, ZIP!

  10. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Wow, Mom has to go through a lot of wires and electric tubes to get a dang martini. I guess sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

  11. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I would shank someone to get a Rosie at my house. Just saying. We watched the Jetson's in my house and let me tell you, I am let down too. Where the hell is Doc Brown too? I need to kick his ass for getting me all excited about hover boards. Son of a bitch.

    Great post by the way!

  12. No kidding. We've been lied to big time. According to Back to The Future II, 2010 was supposed to have hover boards and clothes that do themselves up. Furthermore, according to that carnival fortune teller, Lisa Simpson should have been married two days ago. Lies! All lies!!

  13. Seriously. I'm supposed to be able to program my car for my destination and take a nap while it drives there.

    Notice Moms-of-the-future are still wearing aprons?! WTF!

  14. What JJ said. I studied Back To The Future religiously, dammit, so where's my flying car and my food hydrator?!

  15. Diggin' that nuclear-powered hat. That is awesome.

  16. the best thing at the 64 worlds fair was the video phones - where are they 46 years later

  17. (sigh)

    Reality sucks.


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