The World's Most Effective Safety Video

This works because nobody in their right mind would continue working there!


  1. Wait, why was that one guy's wedding ring on his right hand?

  2. So, I see that Glenn Beck got his start as a director in industrial videos...

  3. That was awesome!

    The one where the forklift runs over the foot actually happened to a family friend, including the part with the blood spurting out of the toes.

    We saw a great "avante garde" French documentary about mental illness today in my nursing class that I'm scouring the internets for. If I can find it, I'll return the favor.

  4. Okay. I'm too much of a wimp. I had to stop it after the finger came off. I gotta stop reading your blog over my lunch break.

  5. stop stop stop i am off to puke

  6. Someone REALLY enjoyed making this vid, didn't they?

    The bloke who had the load of paving slabs fall on him from a great height was wearing a helmet, so presumably he was okay.

  7. I heard a few stories like the wedding ring one as a kid, and that is a terror of mine now that I'm married.


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