ElliptiGo-ing we go, ElliptiGo-ing we go,

Hi ho the merry-o, ElliptiGo-ing we goooo.

Some of you who know me on Facebook know that this last weekend I received my new Elliptical bike, the EllipiGo! I started searching awhile ago for something besides my regular bike because my bad disk in my lower back makes the leaning over position uncomfortable.

Let me rephrase that, it makes things hurt like hell just before I lose all feeling, which isn't a good thing.

So I was checking out recumbent bike online, because I had heard good things about the seating position on those, when I saw a link for the ElliptiGo. It looked interesting so I signed up online for some information and joined the Facebook group. Nobody had anything bad to say about them, and I was contacted by a local rep Patricia who brought a couple over for a test ride.

They are very cool, lots of work, but no pain at all to ride. So I have a new workout machine/toy to play with now, and I hope to drop some of the spare tire I seem to have growing around my belly area!

Here it is unpacked:

And here it is all put together:

And here is Sky-Dad taking a few turns around the front of the house:

So far so good, I will see you down the highway!!


  1. You are a mean motorscooter, and a bad go-getter!

    wordver - cyclut.

  2. Very cool. You did run the stop sign like three times, but it looks like fun! ;-)

  3. Wow! Does it have gears and everything? Do you get tired standing the whole time?

  4. Okay. That is the COOLEST freakin' thing ever. Next to Jetman of course. ;)


  5. Wow.....that looks....exhausting.....seems that I am too tired.....from watching.....to type.....must rest ........now

  6. Oh God. I freaking must have one. Right now. I dig ellipticals in general but the bike looks like fun! I'm hoping someone invents something soon that lets you get a rigorous workout while lying in bed napping. That would be awesome.

  7. Sweet ride, S.D.! That thing looks awesome!

  8. That is super cool! I bet you'll get a lot of attention with that bike. I was going to forward this post to my husband, but if he sees it, he will order one!

  9. The little "ahhhh" that you did at the end of the video really made me chuckle. Just look at your bad self on that bike. :)

  10. Oh that is so cool!

  11. Very cool. I'm glad you found something that works for you.

  12. Scope: The word ver is like a psychic!

    Jay: I always knew you were a cop.

    Mnmom: Yes it has 8 gears, all in the rear hub. You can sort of relax going downhill by just standing up straight and coasting.

    Dr.: Whats the fun in that?

    Veggie: I spaced out at rigorous workout in bed and lost my train of thought.

    Lynette: It is one hell of a workout.

    SylphSong: Fine. Now I have to go and try and buy one of those!

    SG: No way you could do a cross country on this like you did!

    Cindy: It was more than I wanted to spend, but we never do anything so what the heck!

    Diane: I hate hearing my voice on tape, but I think most people are like that.

    Raven: It is a lot of fun.

    Churlita: Maybe my belly will shrink!

  13. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh! Looks like fun! If you hear about a w/chair that does that, let me know. ; )

  14. I didn't realize that they made bike helmets that looked like baseball caps. Very sharp. ;-)

  15. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Looks like fun. Be careful.

    All the best, Boonsong

  16. Anonymous2:36 PM

    There's a guy down the block who has about four different recumbents, this is way cooler looking than any of them. Go Speed Racer, Go!

  17. I see a lot of recumbent bikes here in the city, but never one of those! Must be cool to be the first kid on the block to get one of those!

  18. Your new bike is KEWL! Besides being easy on the knees and back, I bet it's easier on the family jewels, too!


  19. "Cindy: It was more than I wanted to spend, but we never do anything so what the heck!"

    Yup! Exactly my excuse when I recently bought an iPad! :-)

  20. great goddess, I feel my calves burning just watching the video!!

    what's it like on hills??


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