Be a man, self-exam!

Damn funny PSA from Canada!


  1. Oh My!! I can see this poor guy thinking he got this paying job to do a commercial....then being told he has to dress up in a testicle costume.

  2. ouch. That makes me wince just to see it.

    Oh, them cray-zee Canadians!! No wonder they made so much fun of us o'er Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction all them years ago...

  3. JY: Make sure you use "MR." when you refer to the boys!

    Raven: Gives new meaning to struggling actor.

    HL: I think he was high sticked one time too many!

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    "Pubes On Ice' coming to an arena near you.

  5. YOW...Johnny Yen is right. Now I really feel for him, running a marathon after taking that beating on the ice.

  6. There are options other than self-exam? Can I get Cathrine Zeta-Jones to check my boys once a month?

  7. Oh, and check your boobs too. I get mine checked every weekend...


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