Great UK commercial!!


  1. Does this TV work for baseball too?

  2. I love my DVR!! I had to talk my hubby into it and now he couldn't live without it either! For just "those" kinds of moments!

  3. it's true..
    is the greatest
    thing ever!

  4. The Japanese and the Brits have a leg up on us and our lousy commercials.

  5. I ALSO LOVE my dvr. best thing invented.

  6. Grant: Why would anybody waste their time watching baseball?

    HL: You and me both.

    Raven: "Those" kind of moments??? Please elaborate and post pictures!

    Jen: I just can't watch TV now without being able to pause it or go back.

    GKL: We are just too wimpy with the FCC looking over our shoulder. I say more nudity!!

    Teri: It sure is!


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