November 10, 1975

In memory of the 29 lives lost on the Edmund Fitzgerald. It must have been such a terrifying thing, I have been in very bad sea conditions before in the Navy. The line in the song "Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours" is very poignant. We transited from Perth Australia north into the Indian Ocean right through a major Typhoon. My 426 foot long destroyer was climbing up over waves the were over 50 feet. We took water into the wheelhouse several times, and once rolled 56 degrees. The carrier we were with of course suspended flight operations because they were getting roughed up.

Scary, scary shit.


  1. Criminy. I sooooooooo would have puked and needed new pants.

  2. I puke in calm seas. Yet I love the ocean. Go figure.

    Love Gordon Lightfoot. But the Edmund Fitzgerald has got to be his best.

  3. love that song so thanks
    one good turn deserves another
    so pop over and visit my newest blog venture

  4. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love that song. I thought a lot about the Edmund Fitzgerald while visiting Lake Superior last summer.

    My uncle, and old Navy guy, said unless you've been there, you'll never know the feeling of pulling out of port while the guys on deck sang the hymn "for those in peril on the sea".


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