Things that make you go huh? Or WTF!?

The blogging force is not strong with me lately, so I am just cleaning out a folder here. These are all a collection of oddities I have found on my tour of the internettubes...

Keep the hoof night at my favorite outdoor restaurant.

Sure she's a ho, but she has a nice pussy! (sorry, couldn't help myself with that one)

I am betting he has money. Lot's and lot's of money.


My idea of hell.

Guts high dive.

Damn Tuba players!

Takes the edge off of those long morning commutes.

Speechless. I am simply speechless.

Most deactivated roads are usually full-permanently.

There really IS such a thing!

That is why the problem with poaching Elephants for their tusks is so bad. They think they are deer.

Now THIS I like!

All of the loss of sensation without any of the protection!

I want to ride this!

Get out!

They left off the hardest setting.

Timmy always wanted to be Michael.

World's worst job competition.

I always seem to ride next to this dude on my flights.

True that.


  1. oh i do not know what those women were smiling about? badddddd

  2. Oh, horrified fascination....

  3. What kind of a family posts up a picture of their son grabbing his crotch?

  4. As someone who has lived and commuted in Cairo traffic, I think shisha pipes should be mandatory in all vehicles - it might help calm folks down, and it's not like it could make the air quality worse.

  5. But vampires dig blood, SkyDad, c'mon.

  6. i want that romulan beer with a shot klingon vodka

  7. That vampire thing freaks me out! Why oh why would a person make such a thing?

  8. Morning gags and laughs, all in one place.

    And by gags, I mean I threw up in my mouth a little while looking at a couple of those...

  9. By the way, there's an award for you on my blog. Enjoy, good sir!!


  10. "I am betting he has money" HA HA HA!


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