I think I have been infected!

Insidious Worm Makes Unauthorized Purchases When Computer User Is Drunk


  1. Luckily my computer remains uninfected.

    But I think my Comcast DVR and phone service are in cahoots to order a lot of things from late night infomercials.

  2. Have I told you that I love you? No? Must have been that stalker worm, the one that sends bizarre text messages after 2 in the morning.

    Loved this, showing it to Cute Hubby just as soon as he gets up out of bed. Betcha he spits his coffee out with the "balls" shot.

  3. ha ha. Now, what we really need is a breathalyzer on the computer.

  4. Thank you so much for this informative post Skydad. This explains those Lord of the Dance, Complete Series, instructional videos I found on my credit card from last Friday night!

  5. Mm-hmm. Because of that damn worm I now have a lifesized statue of Dobby the House-Elf from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in my living room.


  6. This insidious worm may well explain the foot tall, cast iron, bronzed knight and the "desperado" marionette in my family room....


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