Bad Tat Tuesday: More Domes and Faces

Lets start out with the worst idea in body art, tats on your head. I don't think I have ever seen one that looked good or was clever.

I want to know what is the think over to the right beneath his eye? Looks like Oahu and Molokai...

'nuff said.

This was titled "Chairman Mao".

Next up is more of these tats dedicated to peoples faces that always seem to make them look like zombies or nothing close to what they should have looked like.

Those teeth look hideous.

Oh yeah, I think you nailed this one.

What the hell?...

This one was called Kenny Powers. Whoever that is.

This actually isn't that bad! What a find!!


  1. They all beg the question WHY?? WHY????

  2. The head temple is cool. He could always grow his hair and have a hidden temple.

  3. I just don't get it. Of all the things to put on your body permanently, I wouldn't have chosen any of those.

  4. Those are excruciatingly bad!

    The ones by the guy's eye are gang tattoos that indicate having killed someone.

  5. The last one's Mr. Humphrey's, right?

  6. I have also read / heard that the teardrops signify years spent in prison, shrug.

  7. If I had any tats I think I'd live in mortal fear that I'd find myself featured here one tuesday. *snicker*

  8. Um I'm a bit freaked out, especially the WTH-scary-hat one. Is that on the throat too?! Ugh I'm going to puke up my breakfast now.

  9. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I'd love to see pics of those same tats when the people are about 40 years older. Can only imagine what old age will do to who they look.

  10. I believe those "islands" are tears, each represents a certain amount of time he did in prison.

  11. Okay, I'm sorry, but the Kenny Powers one is AMAZING.

    Here's what you're missing:

  12. I always love your tats!!!

  13. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hey, is that my mom's ass on the last one? I'm calling her right now.


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