Our Local Rec Center

The pool portion of our local recreation center has been closed for renovation for over a year now. We have been taking Skyler swimming every Sunday for a heck of a long time, and so during this shutdown period we have been driving to a number of different rec centers all over the Denver metro area. It has been fun to see a lot of new places, but we are ready to just drive the 5 minutes locally instead of all over hell's half acre!

This past Sunday the pool opened back up and we cruised on over to check it out. They really did a nice job on it, adding a little kids play area, a moving water feature called the lazy river, and a tube slide. There is also a climbing wall and rope swing that dumps into a deep well pool that is 12 feet. The only thing we noticed is that it seems really loud, which you will see in the video we took.

So turn down your volume before you check this out, and try not to be frightened by my pasty whiteness and extra large bags under my eyes...

Up to 30 seconds is looking down at it from up top through the glass as you enter the place.

50-58 seconds check out the tube slide, it goes outside the building and comes back in!
Then I pan outside to the snowy hill where kids are tubing down, but you can't see that well.

1:12 to 1:50 we went around the lazy river, the current isn't much but it is fun.

Then we head over to the hot tub to warm up.


  1. oh oh oh oh i wanna go there
    how fun that looks
    and so much to choose from

    especially not being out in that cold snow!

  2. WOW! I want one of those here!

    Why so serious Skyler?

    The water must be so freeing for both of you. I love holding my children in the water. These great big people become light in my arms once more.

    Excellent parents right there!

  3. That is sooo cool. I wish we had something like that where I live.

  4. How cool is that! Does Skyler LOVE it?!!! Next time I want to see you take him through that tube slide!!!!

  5. Well, that's one heeluva rec center ya got there Skydad! I paid about $1000 to take my kids to Wisconsin Dells a couple of years ago to a water park which was verrrrry similar to your rec center!

    Skyler is so lucky to have a super hot pasty white dad like you! ;)

  6. I can't watch videos on the netbook. Grr!!! It's probably just a setting so I'll get my man on it asap. But don't be surprised if you get a few comments in a couple of weeks. lol!

  7. That was awesome! What a great dad! Taking Skyler around through the water looked like a lot of fun and at times you could see he was enjoying himself :)

  8. That looks like a great rec center. But you're right, they need to hang some heavy cloth or something from the ceiling or something to absorb some of the sound.

  9. That place is awesome! We are actually bringing Eric to a hotel this weekend, so he can go into a pool. Skyler reminds me so much of Eric.

  10. Chris, this video made me smile and cry at the same time. Watching you with Skyler in your arms, I can't help thinking about how lucky your family is to have you. The joy in your face is evident, and I did not see "bags" or "pasty whiteness". What I see is one of the most beautiful men that I have ever had the privilege to meet. And, oh yeah, the rec center rocks.

  11. How nice to have such an awesome facility so close to your home! Glad it's reopened. You are the best father I know!

  12. Anonymous3:50 PM

    The one thing I took from my only experience with an indoor pool was exactly that, the noise was incredible. It freaked Slim out so much he wouldn't go in the water.

  13. Looks like the renovation was worth the wait - I hope they solve the noise issue soon, though. :)

  14. I love your home movies. They warm my cockles and whatnot. I'm glad you've got your local Sunday hangout back - it's a wonderful place!

  15. Hey, I like what they've done to the place. I can't remember if I told you that I recently had a dream about Skyler or not but this video reminded me because my dream was that I took him swimming in the ocean!

  16. Man, that's the set-up! Skyler looked like he was really having fun.

    The difference between San Francisco and Colorado? In San Fran, we talk about how progressive we are, then we let the adults take over all the pools, city-wide. The only time when the public pools aren't laned off, is when all the kids are still at school (2:00-2:30).

  17. That place is wicked awesome!! its great that its close to your house - looks like fun :D


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