Bat Tat Tuesday

Does it seem like this just keeps coming by sooner and sooner? It's kind of like relatives that you just can't shake, isn't it? Well strap in and hold on tight, because the ride is going to be a bit more bumpy than usual.

Who needs Red Bull when tats can give you wings?

Get a memo pad dude!

The clown dress just kind of pulls it all together, don't you think?

I'm a dog lover, and a butt lover. So this actually works for me.

I have no words...

Hey, at least she is formal with the bow tie.

Yeah. It's a trailer...

Arrrgggg! There is more than just a little bit of shit going on there.

Voted first in best use of an actual nip.

OK, this one was robbed in the competition!


  1. People are freaks.

    Except the dog skank badge on that one chick. That's cool ;-)

  2. I love Bad Tat Tuesday - it makes me want to call my mom and remind her how it could have been worse.

  3. I feel suddenly so stable

  4. That last one is you right?

  5. The blonde by the trailer? Watched way too much Dukes of Hazard growing up.

  6. The mastectomy one makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. I think it shows a real show of strength and moving on.

  7. Um, yeah. At least they all had a vision....

  8. I love when you post these

  9. Ummm, the last two are cool but really? Why??

  10. Anonymous4:39 PM

    There seems to be something a little bit off about a dude using his own nipple to stand in for lady nubs. I mean I can't put my finger on it exactly, but it's not right. And when I say I can't put my finger on it, I probably could, but it might have a disease.

  11. I'm trying to imagine being a girl on a date with a guy with a naked chick tattooed on his chest. I'm pretty sure once his shirt came off I'd be running for the door. There's just no way I could get friendly with that.



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