Bad Tat Tuesday

It's a bit like watching a car sliding down an icy hill in slow motion. You know it will slide through the intersection, and you know it will probably get t-boned. You open your mouth to shout a warning, only to realize that nothing you can scream will make a bit of difference.

All you can do is watch, helplessly, hoping against all hope that the eventual carnage isn't too bad.

Yes, that's right. You just know you are going to start scrolling down, don't you?

It's alright. It won't hurt... much...

Probably torn off in some sort of horrific industrial accident.

Very nice, but kind of like those lovers coins that fit together, who wants to always have to be side by side to show them?

Stay klassy there Bo Duke.


Kind of cool I suppose, but needs to be a bit better quality.

It's a fish! No, it's a flower! No. It's... it's...

Seriously, I have no clue. Game controller?

This is my next interview suit if I leave my current job.

If you turn him upside down and shake him, does it clear itself?

I ended with this to sort of clear the rest of the garbage out of your brain. You can thank me later.


  1. took me a moment to look and see there was a tat on the last one....just loved the lace itself

  2. Dang it. All those horrific tats and all I can think to say is what a nice derriere that girl has.

  3. That last tat? It's a DUDE!!!!!

    Well, I don't know for sure, but now I've ruined that one, too.

  4. Going to have to come back and check these out on the home computer. They look pretty rough from my phone so I can't image how they look when they're larger and in better focus.

  5. I love the dandelion one, but I'd like it better as a painting.
    It took me a minute to figure out that's a puppy? on the last one. I'm with Cora on that.

  6. The shirt tat?? Love it.

    But Britney??? For reals??

    Must be That Dirty White Boy..

  7. I'm sure he'll want Brittney on him when he's 60 years old and no one knows who she is anymore.

    The dandelion wasn't a bad image, it was just a bad tattooing job.

  8. Why would someone ruin a perfectly good ass with that last one?

  9. I love the dandelion. But that's probably cuz I'm a girl...

  10. I'm totally getting a tattoo like the last one of Bubs when he dies. Considering that could be 13-15 years or more, I doubt my ass will be anything worth photographing.
    But hey- then I could be part of "Bad Tat Tuesday!!!"


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