Monday Morning Madness

Monday mornings are crap, we all know that. So I thought why not start the day off with a nice collection of WTF??

What the hell are we teaching here?

When we got the pictures back, we were shocked to see dead uncle Frank.

I want to party with this guy!

Just what I want to see looking back at me in the mirror each morning.

Is this really a major problem? When I have morning wood I just use the tub...

Math sucks.

I need a pair of cool shades that makes me look young, hip, and a whole different awesome person!

Meanwhile, back at the nutsack gallery...

Possibly the scariest picture in this entire collection!

I downloaded all of these through my Internet hole. If you don't have an Internet hole yet, why are you waiting?!?


  1. OH GREAT! Now I'm going to have those Sarah Palin nightmares AGAIN!! And I was just able to get through the whole night without screaming...

  2. You're right, S.D. The Palin one is absolutely horrifying!

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    A welcome home daddy message from a fetus. Just what every soldier coming home from a twelve month tour of duty wants to see.

  4. When you coming to see me in Tupelo? Rondell just stopping by to say hey.

  5. Sarah Palin - the Fairy Princess of the Lunatic Fringe.

    Internet hole - of course, what else would it be? LOL.

  6. Wow...I have seen some odd stuff, but that takes the cake! Found you through Lynette and following now.

  7. Wow! Each image scarier than the next. Why do people feel the need to put holes in their faces. I have enough acne scars as it is. I don't need anymore.

  8. Re: the baby belly - maybe daddy mailed it home.

  9. This explains why I'm always losing data when I put it in my internet hole- I guess I had a VERY different idea of what an "internet hole" is.

    (shuffles off to call the doctor)

  10. That first one is still bothering me (is that a vajayjay?).
    Too funny!

  11. Maybe that's Daddy's knocked up teenage daughter welcoming him home?

    Yeah. Yeah, that's it.


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