Of the Olympics and Picabo

Some of you may remember my post about being an Olympic geek, and of my favorite athlete Picabo Street. In that post I recall an old commercial that I could never locate that feature Picabo recovering from her devastating knee injury, and racing in the hospital.

Well the electronic world is an amazing place, because I received an email out of nowhere from a nice lady named Carly that had found the commercial after a search brought her to my blog. She was kind enough to send me a link, so I wanted to share it with you all.

That 30 seconds says everything about her you would want to know.


  1. Hey! She stole some of my moves! ; )

  2. Ha! I remember that ad. Well, I remember when they pulled it because some people whined about it.

  3. That's great. Having difficulty seeing why it was banned though.

  4. That's awesome. I'd never seen that before.


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