Hey Boys and Girls! What Time Is IT!?!

It's Bad Tat Tuesday Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy, howdy, howdy to all the little buckeroos out there. We're gonna learn all about bad ink today! Isn't that exciting? Doesn't that sound like fun?

Now, now Billy. Don't cry. It's all right... wait! Where the hell you going kid!?

Get yer ass back here and look at this like a man...

Ever seen a grown man's ass crack Billy?

I'm sure there is a "Your mama" joke in there someplace.

Moving into our phallic series now...

Stay classy dude, stay classy...

She used to babysit me, which I believe might explain a bit.

Her mom took her in to get her first back tat!

LSD Unicorn is a favorite.

And finishing up with nazi cheeks, no no, you can all thank me later.

I need to go clean my eyeballs with bleach now.


  1. I saw THIS earlier today and immediately thought of you.

  2. I just saved that for next week Jay, you will get top billing!

  3. Besides this sentence, I am actually speechless.

  4. Those were amazingly bad. What would possess someone to tattoo anything on their buttcheeks, let along a bizarro white supremacy thing?

    How much do you want to bet that its bearer goes to Tea Party events?

    1. Anonymous8:38 PM

      And imagine if the dude happened to go to prison?

  5. I haved tuned in to this feature from the first, and I have to honestly say that this is THE MOST HORRIBLE COLLECTION EVER! Congrats!

    Here are nine perfect examples why some people should not reproduce because for every bad tat, there are two warped people who raised this person. For example, the woman with butterflys, eye balls, bugs, flowers, and several genitals on her head. Wouldn't you like to get her Xmas card?

    The final pic of the Nazi unicorn on some dudes hairy ass is perhaps the funniest damn thing I've ever seen, bar none. Nothing sez White Power quite like lightening and rainbows! On his ass!

    Thank you for making me laugh my ass off, and with any luck, this guy too.


  6. Is that last chick "Bombshell" McGee? And is that bald lady Bette Davis?

  7. I just feel bad for the tat artists. These examples probably go against every oath in the Tatter's Creed.

  8. I just come here for the articles....

  9. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Oh my. That butterfly tat seems to have been rendered by a seven year old on Ritalin. As for that horny thing (!) (I don't know, a skiing flaming unicorn?) - that's just terrifying.

    What am I saying, they're ALL terrifying. :)

  10. I quite fancy the first one... love a loser with a sense of humor.

  11. *snaps fingers* THAT is what has been missing from my life: a freaking butterfly made out of schlongs tattooed across my damn forehead!

    I mean, why?....

  12. Um, wow. I think you've truly outdone yourself today. Do you suppose that first guy is a plumber?

  13. I do really think some people are truly nuts

  14. I'm with Jeanne....here for the articles only....

  15. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Just when you think you've seen every nauseating thing possible.

  16. Wow...I've seen a few bad tats here in the town I live in. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of any of them. These, though, take the cake! I am learning to tattoo and I hope I NEVER see one of mine on here!!

  17. Wow. Grandma Cockface sets a new benchmark for BTT. This is the Masterpiece Theater of Bad Tats. Astounding!

  18. If Hitler had looked anything like that unicorn we'd all be fucked right now. Cause how can you say no to rainbow Nazi unicorn? I know I can't.


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