Monday Morning Madness

Here is some random wackadoodal crap to get your week started off right. Just think that as you head on out the door to work, you aren't any of these people. Then things should seem so much better.

No need to thank me, it's ll part of the service!

Which reminds me. I haven't been getting any tips lately...

I loved this!

Lion ball checker. What, was Elephant prostate stimulator taken?

This is quite a bit like my retirement plan.

I want whatever he is on.

Matching sleeve and sock. Jumbo is bringing it!

Bwaaaa ha ha ha... Oh wait, that isn't funny...

That is the look of a kid that gets in a fight each recess.

Needs no caption.

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle breeze, so this isn't exactly fair.

I dub thee "WarFace".

I imagine this is right out of a lot of folks childhood worst nightmare.

I don't know what the translation is, but I am betting that at least one of those words is "pedophile".


  1. INteresting!!

    Poor little Jesus Condom!!

  2. oh the thinks you can think!

  3. I hope that lion ball checker makes a very good income. Or at least has excellent health and life insurance. And he probably needs Aflac too. ;-)

  4. BTW, word verification on that comment? WEIRDSY ...

    Yeah, I am kind of weirdsy sometimes. haha

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh, poor Jesus Condom!!!! Forget getting beat up at recess, can you imagine him going on job interviews in a few years? Or meeting some girl's parents? That just isn't fair.

  6. EWWWW, ewwwww, and ewwwwww!


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