I have already lost a friend today

Just because of last nights passing of the Health Care bill. Somebody that I tend to argue with but always respected because I believe that he doesn't have evil in his heart, just tends to listen to more people to the right. As I have grown through the years my beliefs have shifted more to the liberal side of the scale, but I still consider myself an independent. I am willing to listen to somebody who has a different opinion, as long as it is not born of evil, and comes from a source that isn't Glenn Beck or Rush.

But this morning at the gym he went off on me (I guess I am his whipping boy) about how this is the end of our society. Seriously, "the end of our society".

Followup comments that were all tendered without waiting for any of my answers or opinions were amazing also.

"This buffoon is going to bankrupt our country".
"Socialism has never worked in any other country".

and my personnel favorite,

"This is just more incentive for people not to try and work".

This is all out of a guy that I really like, but it seems he has gone completely off the tracks into bizarro world. As he was ranting I just stopped my machine and climbed off, telling him I can't listen to his shit.

So for any of my other former friends who wonder where we will ever pay for this from, I have some suggestions:

And I am one of the most pro military people you will ever meet, but even I say enough is enough.


  1. I'm avoiding discussing it with anyone today. If someone has an angry blog post about it, I'm just moving on. It's best to let them just throw their fit and tire out like a baby.

    I did see one person try to claim that the Iraq war doesn't affect 100% of Americans or even "most" Americans. I couldn't let that one go. ;-)

  2. "...I am one of the most pro military people you will ever meet, but even I say enough is enough."

    I feel the same way. I'm on spring break and don't return to work until next week, so I'll miss the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments at roll call and in the break room today. You're absolutely right about people's rhetoric "going off the tracks". "Freedom died", "freedom was murdered" etc. We'll see what happens in the next couple of months.

    Great post.

  3. Well, poo. I'm sorry your friend behaved so poorly this morning but you did the ruight thing by walking away. I find that just letting irrationally angry people gnash their teeth and get it out their systems is the best, least dramatic course of action. Add this to the long list of reasons I respect and love you!

  4. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I can't think of many BETTER reasons for a country's debt than the health of its citizens. Coming from a country with socialized healthcare I can say honestly, that while it might not be perfect, it's way better than the US system. Everyone can get treated regardless of their financial position or whether or not they can afford insurance and without being in debt for the rest of their lives if they need sudden, unexpected care. People aren't dying because they can't afford treatment or insurance. I don't see how anyone could be against it in any form. Do you want people to have access to care or not? It's easy! So you know...good for you! :)

    The US is such an awesome country, with the suckiest health industry in the developed world. How dare some yahoo at an insurance company dictate who can be treated and for what, and how dare some average guy who ears $30,000 a year with no benefits sit and suffer because he can't afford treatment. It makes me so pissed off.

    Oh, hi!

  5. LOVE that last one.

    It will be difficult for some to accept, but at least the hard part is over, yes? Now they just have to come to terms with it.

  6. I'm not a political type person, so I just heard some info on this today. I'll have to do some research on the whole issue before I pass judgement either way. Sorry to hear you lost a friend over it.

  7. Somewhere out there my ex-husband is punching his fists through walls, throwing furniture and swearing loud enough to alarm the neighbors twelve blocks away over this, I just know it.

    But who the f*ck cares what he thinks? This is a guy who told me I should be "ashamed" after I had life-saving surgery on my spine and needed rehab to relearn how to walk and take care of myself afterwards.

    Why should I be ashamed? Because when I had thousands and thousands of dollars worth of bills rolling in and I couldn't afford my $6000 physical therapy bill, I called the therapists and asked to have a payment plan set up and instead they told me not to worry about it and told me to just tear the bill up and not pay a dime because I was "going through enough" and they just wanted to see me "get well again." And with much gratitude, I did tear that bill up.

    And I'm not ashamed.

  8. I'm guessing all those people who live in those dens of European socialism will be pleased to know that their form of government is not working.

  9. I call this a HUGE boon for our economy!! Think of all the people who can possibly afford to work part time, or open their own business, when they don't have to worry about keeping their big-employer healthcare benefits!

  10. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Some people just can't function without booze in the morning. I call these people "Republicans".

  11. I'm so sorry that someone's ignorance destroyed a friendship.

    Political passion should be reserved for your local senator or congressman.

  12. I haven't even talked to my Dad today. He loves Glenn Beck. Ho hum.

  13. The only issue I have with the bill is that they do not extend these rights to illegal’s. People are saying this is a victory, but it's not. A huge part of the US workforce is still excluded because they don't speak English.

    We need to pass immigration reform, not just health care reform.

  14. Thhats so sad. I'm quite passionate myseLf but you gotta know when to quit specially around friends. My politics don't make me hate my neighbor. I hope you have plenty of better friends

  15. I am at a loss of as to understanding the mentality of these people. Say, for the sake of argument, that this was a disaster. What is to keep the next Congress from voting it out?

    People like your acquaintance show their own ignorance. Capitalist countries like Canada, France and England have thrived while having national health care systems. And your acquaintance's "buffoon," George W. Bush, was the one who nearly bankrupted the country.

    I suspect you know my feelings on this, but <a href="http://johnnyyen.blogspot.com/2010/03/what-its-about.html>my post today</a> is about a hard-working couple I know who have lived in fear of losing their business due to the incredible cost of health insurance. "more incentive for people not to try and work?" The fact that they'll now be able to get affordable health insurance means that they'll be able to continue working.

  16. Excellent post Chris, love the graphics. I'll take this small victory, but we still have a long way to go. Ya, I'm way left, like on the fringe;-) I thought we were supposed to get more conservative with age?

  17. Well, I tend to lean a little right. More "Libertarian" (fiscally conservative, socially, what is none of my damn business is NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS), but they aren't a real political party, so I'm stuck.

    Anyway, having read some of the except of what's in the bill, I hope there that sounds like it could have a huge positive result for you DOES have a HUGE positive result for you. The two things I really wanted: Pre-Existing conditions (I have 3) and buying insurance across state lines didn't do so well. Pre-Existing got put off for 4 years, which puts it's head right on the chopping block for later. And the insurance competition got nowhere.

    Oh well, no no said I could have everything for nothing. Wait, I think every politicain promises that on the champaign trail.

  18. This is why I refuse to discuss politics and religion.

    I have my opinions and no one getting in my face about them is going to change my mind, so why even start?

    Btw, I'm also an Independent.

  19. That is why I refuse to discuss politics or religion. I have my own opinions and someone getting in my face isn't going to change my mind, so why even start? Even that pisses some people off.

  20. I've had the same experience with an old family friend. He is really off his rocker about "the end of our society" and "socialism" and how it is so awful that we have the government intruding on our health care system, and how terrible it is that all these "whiners" and "lazy slackers" think they are "entitled" to free health care that the rest of us have to pay for with our tax money.

    When I asked him if he would be willing to give up his social security or (government funded and controlled) medicare benefits - i.e., put his money where his mouth is - he ranted about how he worked hard his whole life and of course he was going to keep those things - he "earned" them and is "entitled" to them. No recognition that the amount he paid in taxes, even with a reasonable rate of interest, is nowhere near what he stands to collect in benefits, so that working folks like me are essentially paying his social security and medicare benefits - even though his income and wealth accumulation probably puts him in the top 5% of the wealthiest folks in the U.S.

    Truly amazing, the capacity some folks have for obfuscation and denial of reality.

    And it wouldn't be so bad if they wanted to have a reasoned discussion about the relative merits of health care (or whatever), but they feel the need to shout it in my face, and then they don't want to listen to any counter-argument. That's just plain rude. So I've written off a few folks I used to respect, too.

  21. ...I didn't have a job that provided me with insurance until I was 32. i used medicaid when I was pregnant and the world didn't explode because of that. I also still worked my ass off at that time...Just at a job that didn't provide insurance

  22. I try not to discuss politics except where Sarah Pain-in is involved (I just can't help myself) but the attitude of Republicans reminds me of 3 year old children - Since you won and I didn't want you to, I am now going to hold my breath until I turn blue so there. Sigh.

  23. Someone will just sue to have the bill overturned as unconstitutional or onconservative or un whatever.

  24. I have the nicest, and greatest online friends in the world! Thanks so much.


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