Bad Tat Tuesday Rides Again!!

If it's Tuesday, that can only mean one thing. You survived yet another Monday and are ready to celebrate by way of seeing what you were smart enough not to permanently place on your body.

This weeks collection has no theme, with the exception that every episode has, poor quality or poor choices.

Strap in and please keep that bar down in it's locked position for the duration of the ride...

This artwork is pretty good, but the human eyes and elephant nose combo is freaking me out a touch.

Happy Halloween right back at ya! It took me awhile to see past the tats, multiple piercings, and such to get up to her head. Check out that bad racing stripe of shaved head going on.

She is certainly somebodies princess, just not mine. Or daddies. Or most other peoples...

That is some pretty amazing detail, unfortunately on a canvas that is going to go south in a hurry.

Caption this. Trust me, I'm a professional.

One that I have put up on this blog many moons ago has shown up in a demotivator print!

Lots of donuts help to make Buddha bigger!

Commit to the nut!

I don't know why, but I don't seem to mind this one.

Multiple views of the scary eye creature just to help you sleep better!

And finally, another guest tattoo send in by Eric from delusionalsorrow. Go check Eric out!


  1. I think that 2nd girl is just wearing a brown headband, no?

    But that still doesn't excuse her for making a shirt out of old Wonder bread bags.

  2. BeckEye: I had to blow it up and check, and you are so right. Damn these aging eyes!

  3. I kind of like the two guns pointed at her crotch. That's pretty creative.

    Also, the Nutella tat should be right above the person's crotch too. Cause that's some tasty stuff right there. ;-)

  4. That second one down...all I could think of was that animal from "Put Me in the Zoo".

    I wonder if she can change the spots on that atrocious top into purple, green, red...

  5. EWwww. that shit's nasty.

    Sorry, that's what came to mind first.

  6. The naked lady brings new meaning to "Pistols At Dawn". I'm guessing she is English since she chose a Webley .455, the standard issue side arm for the English army for about three wars.

    I just realized what a dork I am for noticing what kind of pistol it was and not wondering why they couldn't lower the picture a bit.


  7. @Jay: The guns were pointed at her crotch? My, I hadn't noticed...

    @Mjenks: I bet she can juggle her spots too!

    @Candy: They are ALL nasty, that's why we call them bad tats! :^)

    @Doc: So great to see you back here! My knowledge of British hand guns begins and ends with the Walther PPK.

    @Cora: Yes, it is good to have Doc back commenting.

  8. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I'm pretty sure that "chick" in the 2nd picture is actually a tranny. There's not other explanation.

    She's tranny-licious!

  9. I bet the gun crotch girl will love that tattoo when she's 60 years old...By then though, those guns will be closer to her knees. Hott!

  10. The Epic Failure 'before' pic has very pretty woman. The 'after' tat looks like Sandra Bernhardt.

    I'd sue.

  11. I wonder what inspired Buddha guy to get that sports bra tattoo?

  12. OK...I want to know just where you find all these pics....they are crazy and their mamas would NOT be proud of their lil' babies. I haven't seen one yet I would want on my body. Ok...maybe the pistols..but...


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