It's Another Edition of Bat-Tat Tuesday!

To help honor the passing of the great Ed McMahon, let's all give it our best Heeeeyyyoooooo, and a big "Here's Bat-Tat's!"

Today's collection is all about the family. What could be bad about that you ask? How about when the art works sucks so bad your little bundle of joy winds up looking more like the spawn of Satan?

Witness the following "art" collections, and if you are feeling like you might hurl, please pull over and roll down the damn window.

It still smells like upchuck in here after the last collection.

I am trying to figure out if the nipple plays a part in this piece, not quite sure...

How precious, twin Linda Blair's. I wonder if they can coordinate their head spins?

I can only assume photographic evidence was needed when he sued the tat artist.

At least Courtney got top billing before Country and Star Wars, but here face didn't make the final cut. Come on, it was that or loose the Tie Fighter, what are you gonna do?

The old "It was a Dingo that ate my baby" story pales in comparison to getting eaten by an armpit shark.

Oh come on. That's not even close to being human!

Last but not least, the kids as Star Wars characters (I think) with an additional touch of Thugs for Life. Ain't that just grand?

That's all for this edition today folks, please pick up the home edition of Bat Tat Tuesday on your way out.

See you next time! Heeeyyyoooo!!!


  1. LOL.

    Reminds me of this one:

  2. Second last tat is almost spot on, actually:
    There isn't a Visine for that!

  3. Jules: Thank you! That lovely piece was featured in one of my first bat tat series.

    God: holy shit, you mean that is a real person?


    That 3rd one down is great!!!!!

  5. If I had a tat like that girls armpit I think I would have sent my mother to an early grave.

  6. Egad! These just keep getting worse!

    The arm pit tat is amazing in the fact that it is one, really bad, and two, you know that had to hurt like mad! Who would want a baby chomping shark forever?

    This lady I guess.


  7. The human race is doomed

  8. Dr Zibbs: Wasn't that wonderful?

    Candy and Doc: And she is really good looking also! You would expect that on something more horrible.

    Mnmom: Thanks for dropping by. Aren't you happy you picked today's post?

  9. "How precious, twin Linda Blair's."

    Dang, more like baby Linda Tripps.

  10. Daughter, Country, Star Wars? Is that the Army's motto or the Marines'?

  11. LMAO @ Thugs for Life!

    Is there any other way?

  12. if any of these people paid more than $7 for these tattoos, they got screwed.

  13. The one with the little girl holding the rose makes me feel sad. It's a good thing the others are hilarious.

  14. Think I'm gonna get this for my birthday this year!

  15. Good Lord. People are stupid.

  16. I would never put someone's face on my body. My children's (if I had any) names? Mayyybbbbeeeee.

    I know someone who has an open pomegranate (sp?) on her shoulder. It looks like a bleeding heart.

  17. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Leggo Star Wars Thugs for Life. Holy moly, there is just so much wrong in that one tat it boggles the mind.

  18. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Ugh....I'm just shaking my head.


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