Fire That Agency!

Hey there! Yeah, you over in the corner, and you standing next to him.

I am over at Fire That Agency with some spectacular examples of craptacular advertising, so clicky on over.

Come on, I dare you...


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    First of all "WTF are you doing with my Firecrotch Award?" Damn you...shaking fist angrily. Secondly, I thought you said you removed the cameras from my house. YOU are still watching. thirdly...just want to say thirdly three times. Okay, I'm done now.

  2. Quizno's:

  3. Hmm, my first comment got lost. I said this ^^^ was supposed to be bread. It looks like a rat to me.

  4. Holy shit JJ, that is pretty bad. I can't believe a major chain thought that was a good idea!

  5. Arnold is a loose canon.

  6. Isn't it disgusting??? I guess someone got hold of some pretty strong drugs. lol!

  7. You are the posting child of FTA. Thanks for keeping the dream alive!


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