Finally somebody has a chair that looks out for genital care.

I am way ahead of the game. I have been going without underwear for years. Now all I need is a special chair to take care of my testicles...


  1. Like I needed to know that dude was going commando! WTH?!

  2. But I LIKE the saddle chair.. how else can I "have one" .. not in the other chair that's for sure.

    I soooo didn't need to see his balls

  3. Is this supposed to be an office chair? Not too many offices are gonna be ok with commando track pants

    Otherwise - I would love one of these.

  4. I just really can't imagine using a chair like that. I think the best thing for your back is to get up out of the chair and go for a walk.

    Do you really not wear underwear?

  5. Ummm, I had no idea that testicular position was so important for finding the proper chair.

    Go figure.

  6. Cora: This is important info!

    Dizz: A bit graphic for a commercial, but it's Finland.

    Jeannie: It's not just for the office anymore!

    Diane: I agree, just exercise a bit, and yes, I have been commando since I was 21

    Candy: It's a critical man issue...

  7. Just what I need 1st thing in the morning, a crotch shot of some Finnish dude...who isn't even that good-looking.

  8. LMAO! Great post....

  9. This?

    This is quite possibly the strangest thing EVER.

    And that's coming from me, which says a LOT.

    But holy hell, I love it.

  10. Wow. I never knew....

  11. I am totally putting in a purchase order for one for everyone in the office. You've performed a great service today, thank you!

  12. That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of Executive Office Chair in a modern style to decorate your office.


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