Have I mentioned how much I love The Onion?


  1. Oh, that was too much! My eyes flew open at the mention of dragging a pedestrian, but then I started laughing at the euthanasia reference! I'm definitely sending a link to your blog post to my son and husband!

    You can always count on the Onion for excellent humor!

  2. Why am I not following you? The past 3 videos were hilarious, and I am so sick of not being able to find your page. I'm fixing that right now. xo

  3. Holy shit, was that funny!

    My stepdaughter had to do a school report on euthanasia, which I helped her research. Boy, we had some interesting dinner conversations while she did that one.

  4. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Have you seen The Onion Movie? If you haven't, you need to check it out. Like the old Kentucky Fried Movie, but even smarter and funnier.

  5. The others reaction to his "hypothetical" scenarios was almost as good as his presentation. .. so when will you post you licking your eyebrows?

  6. Wait a minute, you can lick your eyebrows??

  7. Pffffft!! Well done! That was hilarious!


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