Monday Morning Quickie

Hey everyone! Just a quick update before it is off to get another busy week rolling.

Two dog walks this weekend at the off-leash park, a big bull snake (about 5 footer) was spotted on Saturday, and then I saw one of the 5 tornado's that hit the area yesterday! Pretty scary, the bad weather moved right over the top of us moving west to east and built up quite fast.

I didn't get a shot of the twister.

Montana goes to the Vet this morning to get spayed, she doesn't understand why she isn't getting breakfast this morning.

We had the last of the graduation parties to go to. Skyler's friend since grade school, Michael, will be leaving at the end of summer to go to a school that specializes in acting back east.

Take care everyone, see you around the blogospere...


  1. Poor Montana. Make sure you get some pain meds for her on discharge. Some vets seem to ignore this and it makes me mad. Our poor cat, who has now endured four (4) visits to the vet for a necessary declaw (rampant infections), has been on decreasing amounts of pain meds and it has greatly helped in his recovery.

    You know you shouldn't be taping tornados, right? You should be in the basement blogging!

  2. A snack and a twister?! Busy weekend, Sky Dad!

  3. What is this twister weather you speak of? Here?

  4. Giggling @ Cora who thinks snakes are for snacking. ; )

    And this is why I prefer earthquakes to tornadoes.

  5. Awww, poor Montana! Good luck, pup...

    P.S. "Monday Morning Quickie": THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.

  6. Man, that sucks that Skyler's friend is moving away. I hope his other friends fill in the gaps for him.

  7. That was no bull snake, that was Gingrich without his toupee'.


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