We have the only Lab in the world who can't swim

Our new girl, Montana, just might be the only Chocolate Lab around who never got the hang of swimming. I mean come on, I have see lots of dogs afraid of the water or ones who never got the hang of swimming. But a Lab? Isn't that buried deep down in the DNA along with barking at a squirrel?

Several attempts have been made at trying to get her to be a bit more friendly with the water, and she really likes running in it and splashing around. As a matter of fact, now that it is getting warmer, you can hardly keep her out of it. But... only as long as she can touch the bottom. Once she starts the physical act of swimming, she resembles a drowning Zebra with a Lion attached to her neck. There is much thrashing of the front legs, splashing aimlessly and yelping.

And that's just me trying to hold on to her... Bada Bump, crash! Thank you, I'll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitress.

But we have a plan, one that I am sure is rock solid. Much like the great Olympic swimmers must have started out with:

Just look at Yordi staring at her in disbelief!


  1. That is unusual for a water dog to be scared of the water.

    I like the idea for the suit! Lemme know how that works out!

  2. Love the suit! What a great idea.
    We used to have a German Shepherd that had to be "fished" out of the canal due to her lack of interest with swimming.

  3. Doggles!

    Does your non-swimming dog have any idea how awesome she looks now?

  4. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Yes, that is weird, for a lab. But then all the chocolate labs I've known have been a bit off. Of course, I'm one to talk. Our bird dog won't fetch.

  5. AWWW, how cute is that?! :-)

  6. I don't know anything about chocolate labs, but my brother's cocker spaniel had to be fished out of our pool.

    It fell in (while getting a drink) and immediately began freaking out. It took 2 of my 6 ft, 185 lb., brothers to get him out.

  7. She's going to hate you when her picture shows up in one of those emails with the pictures of dogs dressed up by their owners...

  8. Absolutely adorable! Maybe the vest will give her the confidence to try again. I love how she's looking at Yordi like "can you frikkin believe they did this to me!"

  9. Funny- I was just thinking yesterday about getting Bubs a doggy life-preserver as he seems to be afraid of the water as well.

    I love nerd dogs.


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