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If you haven't figured it out yet, I tend to surf just a bit. I also have a lot of friends out there that send me links, pictures, stories and tons of goodies that I love. And when I get these links, I tend to backtrack a bit just to see what the site is all about.

I stumbled across one link a couple of days ago that simply stated it was "One of the best local ads". I couldn't see the URL it advertised so I went hunting and found it on youtube.

Here are the comments on the page:

"Funeral" is a new TV commerical launched by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) which looks at relationships in a different light, through a woman at her husband's funeral. Ultimately, the TVC celebrates the beautiful imperfections that make a relationship perfect. This is fresh off MCYS latest Viewers' Choice 2008 win for last year's Family TVC which promotes the importance and value of family bonding.

I have to tell you, I shed more than a few tears at this, it has one hell of an impact.
Check it out.


  1. Chris, that was beautiful, and I was really relating to it. I would rather be "miserable" with Cute Hubby, than be miserable without him. His snoring, that used to bother me, is a comfort to me now. I sleep better with all of his little noises, comforted by his presence.
    Thank you for posting this.

    As a side note: My grand daughter farts like a sailor. You might remember that she was born without her intestines attached and had surgeries to repair that. When she cuts wind, it is a joy to me. I know that everything is working.

  2. I thought I was the only one who farted loud enough to wake himself up!

    I'm going to have to show this to Flannery!


  3. that IS beautiful. My husband snores, farts, cracks his knuckles and grinds his teeth at night. I will remember this commercial before I complain ever again.

  4. That was nice! My man walks out of the room before he farts, so I have no experience with that. : )

  5. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Wow, that was beautiful.

  6. Aaaawww, that was sweet... and something I'm sure we all can relate to.


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